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Smiles can be brought to nearly everyone's faces when they are presented with balloon art made especially for them.


The excitement and happiness balloon art brings to people is very simple and innocent. Whether watching as balloons are being twisted or looking at balloon decor, the medium, colors and whimsical nature produces a certain wonder and intrigue resulting in smiles, regardless of age.


How did you get started working with balloons?

We were asked to help fill in (twisting balloons) for an event by a friend who had double-booked themselves. After that event, and thousands of balloons later, Amazing Balloon Twists was started in April of 2012


How long have you been twisting balloons?

We’ve been twisting since 2011.


Isn't this just a hobby?

Amazing Balloon Twists is a full-time job/company. Not only do we work weekends, we work weekdays and evenings as well!


What is the most popular figure that you make?

The popular choice varies with each event. Sometimes guests receiving balloons follow each other and choose the same thing. Other times there is no one model which stands out.


Are the models you make your own personal designs?

Some of what we make are designs we've come up with on our own, while others are variations of designs created by other balloon twisters around the world. Each balloon twister may make the same model, but each will always be different due to personal taste.


What is the largest thing you have ever made?

Balloon décor always results in the largest of displays – whether it’s a 10-foot tall toy soldier or a 40-foot long balloon arch. When it comes to twisting balloons, we’ve made ride-inside helicopters and trains.


What is your favorite balloon sculpture to make?

Usually it’s the one we have not made over and over again!


How much does your apron weigh?

Fully loaded, our aprons weigh approximately 14 lbs.


How many balloons does your apron hold?

Fully loaded, it can hold 4,000 balloons of many different shapes. sizes, and colors.


How many balloons do you have on hand at any given time?

On average, considering both twisting balloons and those primarily used for balloon décor, including latex, foil, flexible plastic and other varieties – our stock typically includes between 35,000 and 40,000 balloons. When we consider there are over 60 colors and 10 sizes/shapes of latex alone – it adds up fast.


How far do you typically travel?

We work within the Des Moines metro area, though we also are often travel to Ames, Newton and beyond for events.


How far in advance should we contact you?

To ensure our availability, as soon as possible. Our calendar can fill quickly, especially during the spring, summer and holiday months. Many clients we work with on a regular basis contact us 6-12 months in advance to guarantee our availability.

Amazing Balloon Twists - Ankeny, IA

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Amazing Balloon Twists Logo

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Amazing Balloon Twists Logo
Amazing Balloon Twists Logo